FACE FACTORY - Ultra Deep Cleanser 1 set

Brand from South Korea: FACE FACTORY. Size: 50 x 132 x 38mm Battery: Li-ion Battery 3.7 Vd.c., 300mAh rechargeable This Ultra Deep Cleanser comes with: Ultra Deep Cleanser main body 1 pc Silicon brush 1 pc Pouch 1 pc USB charging cable 1 pc Manual (Korean and English) 1 ea Benefits: Delivers deep cleansing of makeup, fine dust and skin impurities while massaging your face gently. Can be used with the silicon brush for cleansing makeup and dead skin cells, and the soft brush for pore cleansing. Massage the skin with a gentle vibration of 100Hz per second. Waterproof with IPX7 level that the whole device can be cleaned easily. Rechargeable and energy-saving with 1 charge for 2-month use. Guide for each mode: Level 1 - Massage Mode: Massage dead skin cell layer softly with continuous micro vibration. Level 2 - Cleansing Mode: Emits skin residues and pollutants deep inside the pores. Level 3 - Deep Cleansing Dead Cell Care Mode: Helps smoothen skin texture by deep cleansing of pore residues and dead skin cells. How to use: 1. Charge the device before use. 2. Fix the brush onto the head of the device. 3. Press the power button to turn on cleansing mode and adjust the intensity and mode according to your skin condition. 4. Gently massage and cleanse the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin area. 5. After cleansing, press the power button to turn off and keep in cool and dry place. Manufacturer s Warranty Period and Details: This product (FACE FACTORY - Ultra Deep Cleanser) is covered by a manufacturer s warranty that expires 12 months from its shipment date. During the warranty period, customers will be entitled to free repair service if the defective item is caused by non-human factors and within scope of warranty. Repair for defective item will be charged after the warranty period. Within Scope of Warranty: Limited to malfunctions occurred during normal use. Out of Scope of Warranty: For malfunction or damage resulting from human factors listed below: Any improper use and damage caused by accident or improper storage of the device (e.g. device dropped), any usage of the product not in the way as described in the user s manual; Alteration of the appearance or replacement of the product parts or dismantlement of the device on your own resulting in the device failing to function normally; Any usage of the product not in the way as described in the user s manual; Repair by an unauthorized manufacturer or third party.

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